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whywing replied to your post: “two of the bands (+Panic! at the Disco) that started it all for me….”:


I KNOOOOW I can’t wait I hope I’m surrounded by cute kiddos+their parents and reminisce on how that was me 7 years ago at my 1st Pmore show

two of the bands (+Panic! at the Disco) that started it all for me. 7th grade Nat is in heaven 💘 #stillintoyou @yelyahwilliams

fish chick’n nugget ???

"Talking. You talked. You opened your mouth and sounds came out."


New official photo by Allan Amato.

Anonymous asks:Was Fight Club meant to be specifically Marxist or just a critique on capitalism in general?


Don’t get too political on me.  ‘Fight Club’ was about the awkward transition from obedient child to self-assured adult.  Too often young people think that buying and owning things will make them adults, but those — sofas, etc. — are only the trappings of adulthood.  The book is meant to show trials and challenges that allow an individual to build an internal sense of ability and accomplishment.  The desire for possessions dissipates once someone establishes his or her skills and passion in the world. 


my kind of glory hole

"You will exist, right there.
An eternal suspension
within me."


please don’t ever try to get my attention by neglecting me because i will alienate myself from you at terminal velocity 


the only reason to invent a time machine

I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
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Album: From Under the Cork Tree
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