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cruelty free


I don’t 100% completely trust anyone besides my dogs tbh


caitlinshmatelin replied to your post: “You have really cute eyebrows… I mean you’re beautiful, but dem browz thhhooooo.”:

your everything is cute

I love you!! you’re so sweet!!!

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sTOP I’m blushing

Anonymous asks:You have really cute eyebrows... I mean you're beautiful, but dem browz thhhooooo.

you are a tru angel bless u!!!!!!! xoxo


i am loving n powerful n cool and i will get my shit together one day at a time


cactus punk

"Unfortunately, not paying attention to race and gender does not make gender-race inequalities go away, precisely because these inequalities are institutionalized and not just ideas in people’s heads."


before storm / after storm


Things girls look for in a boy:
•Day Man
•Fighter of the Night Man
•Champion of the sun
•Master of karate and friendship for everyone